Our Services

Chartwell Business Advisors offers several services to its clients. Those services include the following:

The advisors at Chartwell Business Advisors have owned and sold their own staffing companies, so they are uniquely qualified to assist staffing company owners make decisions regarding the sale of their companies.

Sellers can rely on Chartwell Business Advisors to give honest advice about the valuation of their company and the probable ease of marketing it.

Valuation is determined based on several factors, including:

  • Staffing Specialty
  • Total annual revenue
  • Percentage of business coming from permanent placement
  • Amount of client concentration

Once those factors have been addressed, the advisors at Chartwell Business Advisors will perform a complimentary review of a sellers’ financial statements for the previous 12 months and give the seller a valuation range.

If the seller wants to move forward, they sign a one page listing agreement giving Chartwell Business Advisors the right to market their company. They pay nothing until their company sells and the sale closes.


Chartwell Business Advisors often work with buyers of staffing companies.

Whether the goal is to buy a staffing company in a specific geographic location; or to increase sales in an area already served; or to venture into a new staffing specialty, Chartwell Business Advisors can assist the buyer to successfully acquire a staffing company.

Buyers may work with Chartwell Business Advisors on an exclusive basis, which means the advisors will identify acquisition targets and perform analyses to determine the company meets the buyers’ buying criteria. For exclusive buy-side clients, Chartwell Business Advisors offer a reduced fee.

Buyers may elect to work with Chartwell Business Advisors on a “per deal” basis. The advisors contact the buyer when an opportunity comes to their attention. The fee for non-exclusive representation is similar to the fee charged to sell a staffing company. A flat percentage of the purchase price due at the closing of the acquisition.


Chartwell Business Advisors offers hourly consulting services.

The services could include helping someone evaluate an offer to purchase their staffing company. Or, help a buyer to evaluate a company spotted for possible acquisition.

Chartwell Business Advisors also provides mergers & acquisitions related assistance, including

  • Due diligence management after a letter of intent is signed between a buyer and seller
  • Post-Sale assimilation to combine two companies and their cultures
  • Policy and Procedure Consolidation – combining the policies and procedures of the two companies

The Chartwell Business Advisors’ consulting services require a four hour minimum, but is affordable and accessible.

For a complimentary evaluation of your consulting service needs, simply complete the contact form on the Contacts page.


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At Chartwell Business Advisors, we represent buyers and sellers of staffing agencies and consulting companies of all sizes. Let us provide you with a no obligation, hassle free evaluation of your company.