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Find Out What Makes Chartwell Business Advisors Different Than The Rest


Hello and thank you for visiting us today! All of us with Chartwell Business Advisors have spent our careers in the staffing industry. We have owned and sold staffing companies. In other words, we have been where many of our clients are today.

In 2011, Chartwell Business Advisors brokered the sale of the Atlanta-based staffing company, Ready Staff, which was owned by Chartwell Business Advisors’ current managing partner, Betty C. Pickett. Betty was so impressed by the professionalism and quick delivery of an interested, qualified buyer – not to mention the way Chartwell Business Advisors minimized the stress that accompanies selling a company – that she accepted the opportunity to join the firm and help other staffing company owners the way she was helped.

You should have complete confidence when selling or buying a staffing company. At Chartwell Business Advisors, our goal is to achieve your expected outcome. We will be part of the transaction until it closes.

…Chartwell Business Advisors has a philosophy about the way they transact business. We treat our clients and the other party in the transaction (whether the other party is the buyer or seller) the way we want to be treated.


We treat all parties with respect. We understand that in most cases, this is the first time a seller has sold a company and it may be the first time a buyer has acquired a company. Since we have deep subject knowledge about the staffing industry and buying/selling staffing companies, we always strive to be helpful in bringing the transaction to a successful close.


We are truthful about the valuation of the company our client is trying to sell. We never over-promise or under-deliver. We review financial statements and look at client concentrations and we give our client and honest assessment of what his/her company is worth.


We are knowledgeable about the valuation process and how to develop the marketing strategies. We know how to emphasize the positive points and de-emphasize the negative.


We believe that our obligation to our clients includes remaining closely involved with the transaction throughout the process until it successfully closes. That means whether we are representing the buyer or seller in a transaction, we continue to be involved throughout the due diligence period. We are ready to assist wherever we can.


We have great confidence in our ability to do our jobs and successfully close transactions. We are so confident that our fees for brokering the sale or purchase of a staffing company are 100% success-paid. In other words, clients pay nothing unless and until we can bring the sale or purchase to a successful close.

Our Results Are Proven.

At Chartwell Business Advisors, we represent buyers and sellers of staffing agencies and consulting companies of all sizes. Let us provide you with a no obligation, hassle free evaluation of your company.